SPRINGNET is providing a range of services to support companies and institutions to expand   sales and presence in targeted export markets. Through a network of more than 250 local partners in 20 markets, all with a long operational experience and broad network in their respective markets and industry sectors, SPRINGNET can act as our local advisor, guide, facilitator and catalyst to develop your business.

One of our key roles is to organise meetings, workshops and masterclass activities bringing together the key stakeholders and decision makers related to the business opportunity at hand. Organising trips and meetings is not the end of our activity. For us it’s only the beginning–the first step in developing a business relation.

Our job is to pave the way for productive match-making meetings, making sure all stakeholders present are well prepared, genuinely interested and have a common view of scope and objectives of the meetings. Time is in short supply for the people we address, and the window of interest is even more narrow and elusive. You have to have everyone well prepared and the stage set before bringing people together, thereby enabling everyone to go straight to business when they meet. Only then can you expect concrete results from a workshop or matchmaking meeting.

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