The Heat is  On in the District Energy sector worldwide.

Having proven its case in the Nordic countries – commercially, financially, politically and environmentally, heatnetworks are now attracting interest from a broad range of stake holders across Europe and beyond.

W2E and District Energy are no longer theoretical concepts being studied and advocated by politicians, energy experts and environmentalists. Pipe systems are installed, and sub-stations connected.

Experiences are being accumulated. And they are positive. Energy customers, politicians, operators,  investors, media, environmentalists all agree. District Energy is here to stay. And to grow. Driven by end user convenience, political demands for energy efficiency and security, public concerns for the environment, and unexplored commercial opportunities.

There is No Time to Waste for those who want to establish a position in the emerging District Energy market. Now is the time. To enter the market, and to find the answers to all the key questions for anyone involved in sales, business development and investments.


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