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SPRINGNET is a pan-European support company offering a range of temporary assistance services on short notice to managers and management teams. From own experience we know that the work conditions of managers of today can be best compared to those of Formula 1 drivers. Full speed ahead, constant time pressure, unmerciful competition, gigantic expectations from fans and staff, and inexorable impatience for results from owners. New challenges and issues can often appear suddenly and un-expectantly. Anywhere along the race track. For this reason successful Formula 1 teams have established a web of services to assist their pilots to perform and to win. Drivers can always expect immediate assistance in the pit-stop. Our ambition is to provide a similar service to the best-in-class teams and drivers competing on race tracks of business.

The 250 professionals who are partners in the Springnet network spread across more than 20 countries are all highly experienced and well connected. Most have more than 25 years of operative management experience enabling them to take on assignments with minimal set-up time..

The role of Springnet is to offer a range of support services to managers and teams, on short notice, Whether there is a temporary challenge, need for longer term assistance or perhaps a sudden urgency, we are there holding out a hand for you to take, We are ready to assist, whenever you seek our assistance in the pit-stop.

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